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    What are YOU looking forward to hearing about most @Lotusphere09?

    Bob Balaban  November 22 2008 11:07:03 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    I know, I know, Lotusphere is still nearly 2 months away. But I have two session presentations due in less than 2 WEEKS, so I've been thinking about it more than perhaps I otherwise would.

    Now that the session titles are posted on the Web (not the presenters names, alas), I thought I'd peruse the list and post my own personal "what I'm looking forward to most" list. Then I want to hear yours. Ok?

    So: Bob's personal list of things he's most looking forward to at Lotusphere09:
    • Being someplace warmer than Massachusetts in January (ok, that was an obvious one)
    • Attending my 16th Lotusphere, 12th as a speaker
    • Attending some fun new stuff that I know about, but can't talk about yet (I know, that was unfair, but I can't help it)
    • Lotusphere Tuesday is also Inauguration Day here in the U.S. Unless I'm performing somewhere, don't expect to see me around, I'll be watching TV around noon (the time it traditionally happens). I am SO looking forward to THAT little event.
    • The OGS (Opening General Session) should be pretty interesting, we get to see what the new guy (General Manager Bob Picciano) is all about. I'm speculating that he'll be good

      Ok, enough fluffy stuff. On to the techie content:
    • DDE (Domino Designer on Eclipse). Possibly the biggest new innovation in the Notes isv/developer space since, well, Notes on Eclipse. There's been some discussion back and forth over which major new bits of DDE will (or won't) be ready in time to make the 8.5 release of the product (which I predict will not be before Lotusphere). Sooner is better, of course, but we won't know for sure for a while yet.
    • XPages. On the one hand, it's an innovative and interesting new way to build web pages (and if you have enough pages, you have an app) on Domino. On the other, well, it's a completely new (and therefore different) way to build pages (and apps) on Domino. I haven't made up my mind about it yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of it in action. I counted 9 sessions with "XPages" in the title or abstract, which seems like an awful lot  (to me) for a brand-new thingie (1 or 2 of those might have been BOFs, I'm not sure). Is there THAT much to say about it? I sure hope it doesn't mean that there's that much you have to KNOW before you can make it work.... I've heard of other work going on in the server team to make Web apps better on Domino without requiring a WNT (whole new thingie), but I didn't spot any sessions on it. Maybe in the lab....we shall see.
    • REALLY looking forward to performing a Best Practices session with pal Rocky Oliver. I think I'll hold off announcing that one for a future blog post. Rocky's probably going to blog it too. I will, however, say this: Yes, you CAN make a cement truck disappear. Really.
    • I want to hear more about some other cool new Domino features coming in 8.5: DAOS (share attachments on disk, huge space savings), ID Vault (you don't need to keep notes ID files on the client anymore),
    • I see there are a couple of sessions related to Dojo, Ext and some other JavaScript environments for Domino Web apps, and at least 1 or 2 on AJAX. Those should be cool, anything that allows people to make better Web apps without ripping them out of Domino has to be a good thing, no? Now, if they could get CSS hooked up in there properly...
    • I only saw one session having to do with DXL, and it's title had something to do with "Practical Magic". So, I'm guessing (but I sure do hope I'm wrong) that you still need the help of the supernatural in order to make DXL work right. Sigh. Wishing for a surprise in this category, but not really expecting one.

    I think that's enough for today. I haven't gone to the Wednesday party in at least 7 or 8 years, so I don't really care where they have it. It's so nice and quiet  around the "campus" Wednesday night. Have fun, kids!  :-)

    So, let's see YOUR list!

    Visit the Binary Tree website here.

    1Carl Tyler  11/22/2008 9:14:04 PM  What are YOU looking forward to hearing about most @Lotusphere09?

    Cement truck disappear, wasn't that an episode of Mythbusters?

    2Bob Balaban  11/23/2008 12:50:47 PM  What are YOU looking forward to hearing about most @Lotusphere09?


    Don't give it away! (yet)

    3Mac Guidera  11/24/2008 9:50:25 AM  What are YOU looking forward to hearing about most @Lotusphere09?

    Bob, speaker names ARE listed.

    Looking forward to it! :)

    4Bob Balaban  11/24/2008 6:16:14 PM  What are YOU looking forward to hearing about most @Lotusphere09?

    @3 - I stand corrected, thanks Mac!