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    Tri-State LUG, New York, November 9

    Bob Balaban  October 29 2009 08:27:54 AM
    The Tri-State Lotus User Group will be holding an all-day meeting on November 9, hosted by IBM (590 Madison Ave, NY).

    I will be doing two presentations:

    Advanced Programming with Notes/Domino COM Classes
    Did you ever wonder how to write standalone programs that use both the Notes back-end classes, AND the front-end (UI) classes? Did you ever want to play with the Notes objects using or C#, while maintaining your ability to call-out to CAPI entry points? Did you ever want to learn how to invoke Notes UI from a C++ program? If your answer to any of these questions was a "yes", then come to this advanced (code heavy) session and learn all about COM and how to make it work for you with Notes/Domino. There will be lots of samples, and we will spend lots of time in the Visual Studio debugger, looking at code. This session is not an introduction, it is for code geeks only.

    And a Birds-of-a-Feather together with Paul Mooney:

    Meet "The Grumpies": Eschew Obfuscation!
    Who are they? They're a group of very, very experienced Notes/Domino Admins and Developers, who love the product, warts and all, and know it very, very well. Speakers Balaban (dev) and Mooney (admin) will debate tactics, techniques, testing and best practices in general, and they will welcome a few special guests to do the same. Much of this session will be open Q&A, but don't ask for an opinion unless you want an honest (and maybe grumpy) answer! You will learn to recite The Grumpies' motto: "Be positive when possible, be grumpy when necessary."

    Get the full agenda here:

    Attendance is free, register and come on by!