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    "Symphony Karoke" to Debut at Lotusphere09

    Bob Balaban  December 2 2008 02:36:33 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    I am pleased to announce the debut at Lotusphere09 of  "Symphony Karaoke @ Kimono's"

    Symphony Karaoke is a blatant parody of the dreaded "business culture". Join us as brave volunteers  "present" a random deck of slides, struggling to link one slide to the next, taking what was once tedious corporate monologue and transforming it into five minutes of raucous fun and hilarity. We Lotusphere attendees love to have fun at our own (and other's!) expense, and this is the place to do it. Along with Speedgeeking and JamFest, we're betting that this will become yet another popular Lotusphere tradition!
    Tuesday, January 20, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    Kimono's, WDW Swan

    1Rodrigo Duran  12/18/2008 10:51:18 AM   Symphony Karoke to Debut at Lotusphere09

    Hey Bob, long time no see!

    I won't be able to make to Lotusphere09, so, when you are in Symphony Karaoke@Kimono's praising yourself with sushi, remember our time in São Paulo eating sushi and drinking cachaça.



    2Bob Balaban  12/18/2008 5:52:46 PM   Symphony Karoke to Debut at Lotusphere09

    Hi Rodrigo! Lucky you, it's summer in Brazil, no big snowstorms on the way!

    I will most certainly remember Sao Paulo, not only the fun stuff, the REALLY HARD WORK we did and the GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS we achieved! The sushi was definitely top-grade.

    I hope you and your family and co-workers at IBM/Brazil are all well. Please say hello for me.