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    Speaking at The View Admin/Developer 2008 conference, Boston

    Bob Balaban  March 31 2008 06:10:01 AM

    Greetings, Geeks!

    Hope to see you at this annual Boston event (April 30 - May 2). Here are the 2 sessions I will be presenting:

    Achieving "Peaceful" Coexistence Between Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes
    While many organizations strive to standardize their messaging infrastructures on a single platform, many others do not. Whether through merger, acquisition or simple user preference, many organizations face a need to achieve peaceful coexistence in the messaging wars, perhaps for only a short time (while they transition from one to the other), but perhaps (if they can pull it off) for a very long time. The technical challenges involved in maintaining a well-performing dual messaging infrastructure are not trivial, but they can be met successfully with proper planning and the right technology. The big issues are all around directory synchronization, message transport, rich text, scheduling logic differences and data formats. Come to this session to learn how to overcome these technical challenges how to keep  both Notes and Exchange up and running, and how to avoid mutually assured destruction!

    Can Domino Applications Be "Web 2.0"-Compliant?

    Lotus Domino-based Web applications have been around for well over 10 years. The upcoming release of version 8.5 promises lots of new tools and functionality to make it vastly easier to create great-looking and well-performing Web apps. But will these new style apps and the tools you use to build them be architecturally compliant with "Web 2.0"? Come to this session to hear what "Web 2.0" really means for Domino Web application development, to hear how you can keep your Domino apps "standards compliant", and perhaps to learn some new Best Practices for designing and creating Web applications.