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    "Serverless-Boston" meetup news

    Bob Balaban  December 21 2018 05:58:07 PM
    Greetings, geeks!

    I am pleased (and a little proud) to announce that the meetup of which I am co-organizer, Serverless-Boston, was awarded "Super Group" status by Why? My best guess is that in the 2+ years since Wayne Scarano and I started it, we have grown the membership to over 1100, held meetings nearly every month over that entire stretch, and garnered very positive reviews for the content of our meetings.

    We owe thanks to the group membership, who routinely turn out (in all kinds of weather) with enthusiasm, to our many and varied host companies (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Pivotal, Oracle, Veracode, Agero and many more. Some have hosted us multiple times), and especially to our excellent speakers.

    We're taking a break for January, and resuming as usual in February at Oracle. Check the meetup page for details, and feel free to join! Serverless is hot tech, and we're there to educate and inform our members in an objective and vendor-agnostic way.

    Geek ya later!

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