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    "Programming Domino With Java" - First Installment

    Bob Balaban  November 2 2011 06:50:15 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    Here's the first installment of the book. Thanks again for all the positive feedback.

    All of the book content (as is all of the content on this blog) is Copyright 1998 and 2011 by Looseleaf Software, Inc. You may not reproduce or distribute the book's content without permission from me.

    Some Caveats and explanations:

        - This book is now 12 years old. There are lots of things in it that are amusingly dated, even laughable. One example: the absurd emphasis on Java Applets. They died an unlamented death due to bloating a long time ago, but at the time I wrote the book, they were a hot technology.
        - The formatting is not exactly as it first appeared in the book, and some of it is downright awkward. Sorry! The publisher converted the original files to Word for me, perhaps they forgot to select the "high-def" option.
        - The Java package described in the book (lotus.notes) was superseded by lotus.domino in R5 (1999? I think). The methods are all mostly the same. Of course, IBM have added lots more classes and methods than existed when the book was written. Also, the "recycle()" method had not yet been invented in Domino 4.6, so the memory issues that call addresses are not really covered.
        - The figures (screen shots and so on) referred to did not make it into any file format I can deal with, so I had to leave them out. Sorry! The code samples are mostly there, and I'll also post all of the files that were on the CD that came with the original book.

    This Installment

    I'm including the Dedication/Preface, and Chapters 1 ("Programmability Overview"), 2 ("NOI Part 1") and 3 ("NOI Part 2"). "NOI" is "Notes Object Interface", what we called the "back-end classes" in the day.

    Preface/etc.: ded_ack_pref.pdf

    Chapter 1: Chapter 01.pdf

    Chapter 2: Chapter 02.pdf

    Release Notes

    Chapter 2:
    Page 15, "Refer to Appendix A for a diagram...", should be "Appendix B"

    Page 33, Listing 2.2, Missing closing curly-brace "}" right before the "catch" statement

    Page 58, description of Database.createCopy() method, should mention that the method does not copy data, only the design of the db

    Chapter 3:
    Page 98, All of the "Item.appendXXX" method names should have capitalized "Value"

    Page 113, discussion of "auto-update", it describes how you can use getNextDocument(), etc. "That'll work okay". It won't work ok, it'll potentially cause an infinite loop. Ooops.

    Page 117, Listing 3.6, the "for" loop starts an index at 0, should be 1. Same for the loop on Page 118 as well.

    Page 119, mentions a property on View named "IsHierarchical". There is no such property (or at least, there wasn't in 4.6)

    Enjoy! More soon.

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    1Giulio  11/02/2011 7:33:59 PM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    Hey Bob. This revised edition you're creating is great. Looking forward to all the chapters.

    I think you should also not be afraid to ask for donations for your efforts, (personally, or to donate to your charity of choice).

    But I do acknowledge your passion for the technology, and desire to share and inform as a reward in itself. just sayin...

    2Bob Balaban  11/02/2011 9:23:45 PM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    @Guilio - thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I'd be happy for people to send me money, if they want to, or to donate some to a charity. I'd feel silly asking for it, though, as posting the book content is really just an exercise in giving stuff away. And, it's really mostly a museum piece anyway. Lots of people paid real money for the dead-tree edition, and I got some of that (thanks everybody!). I was kind of disappointed that nobody wanted to make a movie out of it, though. I wanted Sean Connery to play me.


    3Adam Osborne  11/03/2011 12:50:26 AM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the files. I've always wondered what would of happened if IBM really pushed and invested in making Domino a first class java platform all those years ago. You were so far ahead of the game. Your work was genius.

    4Ursus  11/03/2011 2:49:00 AM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    thank you very much :o)

    5Bob Balaban  11/03/2011 3:02:02 PM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    Thanks for the nice comments, Adam! It was such a long time ago now...

    6Kiran Venkataraju  11/09/2011 1:43:59 PM   Programming Domino With Java - First Installment

    Thanks bob , I completed reading the first 2 chapters.

    waiting for next chapters to be posted.