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    Presenting at "IDoSphere" - Debug Domino Java Agents With Eclipse

    Bob Balaban  February 9 2011 06:34:34 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    Suffering from post-Lotusphere let-down? Never fear, sign up now for "IDoSphere"!

    It's cheap, it's got great content, and it's all online, no need to leave the comfort of your own desk. Register HERE for the special 10% discount, use the coupon code IDS2011BB

    My session is:

    Debugging Notes Java Agents With Eclipse
    There is still no Java debugger (that humans can use) built into Domino Designer. If you want to build a complex Notes or Domino agent using Java, how can you debug it without making major code changes between debug and production modes? Come to this session to learn how to use a technique called the "2-Headed Beast" - a way of writing a Java program so that it can be run both in debug mode from within Eclipse, and then pasted into Designer with zero code modifications. This session assumes a working knowledge of Java, but you need not be a guru to make friends with the 2-headed beast!

    I'm doing this live-in-the-studio with live Q&A.

    Geek ya Online!

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