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    Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    Bob Balaban  May 30 2007 11:58:28 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    The View are holding their annual U.S. Dev/Admin conference in Boston next week, June 4, 5, and 6 at the Sheraton/Prudential Hotel.
    Go to the conference web site for full details, at here and here.  I'm fairly certain it's really all the same event.

    Anyway, I will be conducting 2 breakouts:

    2pm Tuesday, "Writing, Debugging and Troubleshooting Domino Agents with Eclipse"
    8:30am Wednesday, "Relational Database Management Systems, It's Where All the Data Is!"
    (A tautology very early in the morning, should carry y'all through the day quite nicely...)

    There wil also be opportunities for shmoozing and panel-speaking, and question-answering. Should be good fun, come on by, if you can.

    1Wild Bill  05/30/2007 8:00:01 AM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    Well, Sitting at the Shining Motel here in Westford, looking forward to this week and next.

    Still trying to find a decent wine cellar, however..


    ---* Bill

    2alex diament  05/31/2007 7:16:57 PM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    2 questions:

    Have you given any thought to an updated edition of your 1998 classic (Programming Domino 4.6 with Java)? We sure could use something .... up-to-date and comprehensive.

    Re your session on Domino Agents with Eclipse ... I've been working with the ND8 beta (including beta 3) for the last couple of months ... and, unless I'm missing something, Designer's support for Java development is no better than in ND7. Has the other shoe not yet dropped? ... did "they" implement an Eclipse-based Notes without implementing an Eclipse-based Designer ?? I don't get it ...

    3Bob Balaban  06/01/2007 10:21:40 PM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    @2 - There is a "Domino Designer-in-Eclipse" project underway, Maureen Leland has demo'ed it here and there. It did not make it into the N8 ship schedule, unfortunately, but it is coming in a future release.

    In the meantime, there's stuff you can do (the point of my presentation, which I'd be happy to send, along with the demo db to anyone who sends me an email requesting it...) with basic Eclipse.

    4Turtle  06/03/2007 6:01:33 PM  Boston

    Sorry I can't be there... sounds like it should be good. I've been harrassing Maureen about getting a Mac dev client again, and she keeps saying "soon, soon," which I assume means Eclipse. Since the 8b3 client proudly features Eclipse on the slosh screen, I was really hoping we'd have a Mac dev client again McSoon.

    5Mark Hughes  06/04/2007 8:29:06 AM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    Curious what your RDMS talk is about, is it about DB2 and Domino? Can you send me the presentation? Thanks

    6sean jennings  06/05/2007 8:05:03 AM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    I have to agree with @2. I'm a whizz (I think!) at LotusScript but justifying the extra-time (to management) to do development in Java is difficult when its still a pain by comparison with Designer's deep-support for LotusScript.

    @3 Bob I think alot of us would be interested in your presentation and demo, could you post it for download somewhere (Sandbox?)so we don't end-up swamping you with emails for it? Thanks.

    7alex diament  06/07/2007 11:47:40 AM  Presenting 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    Thanks for the response ... I'll be looking forward to a "Domino Designer-in-Eclipse" ... (as a possible plug-in in ND8.1?)

    I would be very pleased to receive your proffered presentation and demo db re stuff that can be done with basic Eclipse. Please send.

    BTW, you are inviting emails ... but I couldn't find your address or a mail link on this site.

    8Tony Austin  06/10/2007 9:29:37 PM  Download links for your 2 sessions at The View Devcon, Boston

    Bob, I second Sean's suggestion that you set up a download link so that you're not swamped with e-mail requests for it.

    And it looks like I'm not the only one who'd like to see your Java book updated for the new century: "Programming Domino 8 with Java and Eclipse" perhaps!