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    Notes/Domino "MythBusters" need your input

    Bob Balaban  November 26 2008 05:52:19 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    The paperwork is finally done, the deal is signed, the lawyers are, if not happy, at least content. Lotusphere09 will now (officially) include session BP114 "Notes/Domino MythBusters".

    Rocky Oliver and I are doing this one together, but we need your help. We've got our own list of Notes/Domino (and general Lotus)-related myths that we think need either confirmation or busting, but we'd like to get YOUR list too. Do you have a few questions lingering in your middle-of-the-night "I wonder if"s? Some lingering, not-quite-important-enough-to-look-up, but still-really-bugs-me kinds of questions?

    Like, maybe:
    • Who once presented a session at Lotusphere that had Klingons in it? And what year was that?
    • If I don't code "Option declare" in my agents, will demons come and carry me away?
    • How many Lotus developers DOES it take to change a light bulb?
    • What's up with the Hawaiian shirts, anyway?
    • Is it REALLY possible to make a cemnt truck disappear?

    A good start, I think you'd agree, but we need MORE, MUCH MORE!

    Submit your list right here (or on Rocky's blog), we'll pick a bunch and include them in the session. Some surprises are gua-ran-freakin'-teed!

    Thanks (in advance)!

    Visit the Binary Tree website here

    1Simon Mottram  11/26/2008 7:22:08 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    The biggest Notes myth for me is the LotusScript myth which could be stated as:

    If you don't assign the return value from a function, you need to use CALL.


    call view.getNthDocument(100000000000)

    I see people using call even in official Lotus Notes templates such as mail, I even had a tutor in a Lotus seminar describe very seriously how you needed to use call to ignore a return value, but it just isn't true!!

    Just don't use parentheses!


    view.getNthDocument 10000000

    Parentheses in LotusScript means 'call and return a value'. If you don't use parentheses, everything is a sub. I cannot conceive of a situation where you would need to use 'call' EVAH!.


    PS: I was told you only need one, cos some Notes Dev changed all the lightbulbs in every office in every country in one click! But I've never been able to replicate that.

    2Simon Mottram  11/26/2008 8:54:56 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input


    1) No declare? the demons won't get you, but I will.

    2) It IS possible to make the cement truck disappear but it will leave a deletion stub

    3Jens Bruntt  11/27/2008 12:14:44 AM  At the very core, Domino has spaghetti code

    Since I started doing development on Notes (pre-Domino days) I have often heard people say that at the core, Notes and Domino is a real mess. It works, it's wonderful, and it's full of the kind of code that you should not code yourself; un-structured ,un-documented.

    Bust that one.

    4Ulrich Krause  11/27/2008 3:18:10 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    1) Will Notes 8.5+ have a Lotusscript function to insert richtext into richtext in the backend?

    2) Is Summer Glau really a female terminator or is she human??

    3) Will president elect B.Obama be one of the speakers at the closing session?

    5Bob Balaban  11/29/2008 10:12:16 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    @1, @2 - Thanks Simon!

    @3 - Jens, thanks for the comment, but I don't think I understand it. Are you suggesting that we verify the "myth" that people should write good code?


    @4 - Ulrich, interesting questions! Let me comment on each.

    (1) There is already a way in LS to insert rich text in the back-end classes

    (2) Good question, but not really Notes-related. And, I don't know the answer

    (3) We invited him to participate in Gurupalooza, but since his Inauguration is 2 days before (thus he will be the real President by then), he had to decline (too busy combatting entrenched fascism in the U.S. Government and rescuing the economy from the machinations of idiots). Besides which, they wouldn't tell me even if he were coming...

    6Dick Shaffer  11/29/2008 10:15:07 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    How about this one: Was LotusScript developed just for Notes? Did it ever run in any other products?

    7Simon Mottram  11/30/2008 9:33:14 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    @Dick It existed before, but I'm getting a headache trying to remember where it started, but yeah, according to *sources* it was a mature language before Notes. *bites tongue*

    I seem to remember it being in some obscure tool, maybe a Lotus version of Crystal Reports or sometin' but it was also in Freelance


    8Miguel Angel Calvo  12/01/2008 2:29:09 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    Hi Bob,

    Last year, attending to an IBM workshop, the trainer, a long term IBM employee, told us that Lotus Notes had not been ported to Linux before because when IBM bought Lotus, in the nineties, the Lotus product source code disappeared, vanished into thin air. :-)

    Never heard about it before and after making a search i didn't found anything related to it. !!!

    Is this a nonsense ?

    9Ulrich Krause  12/01/2008 9:10:05 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input


    >> There is already a way in LS to insert rich text in the back-end classes.

    hmm, I'm not talking about appending RT. What I mean is insert RT at a given position within existing RT. For example before the second table or as a replacement for a marker in the existing RT. I can only replace this marker with text but not with RT ...

    10Ulrich Krause  12/01/2008 11:08:27 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    - Has the RSOD been eliminated from the Notes / Domino 8.x codestream or is it just replaced by huge grey boxes containing tons of error messages?

    - Will Notes / Domino be downward compatible even in release 15 or are there any plans to change this?

    - What about the LSX-Toolkit?

    11Erik Werfel  12/03/2008 11:31:47 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    I've heard from a few different people even fairly recently that there's a "problem" with Java agents, and that they should be avoided. When asked to clarify, they usually state a belief that it's a memory problem. I think this has to do with confusion about where, when, whether and why to use the recycle method, but those expressing the concern are usually short on specifics, so I'm not sure what's behind it. But you should be in a particularly good position to either confirm or deny this one.

    12Simon Mottram  12/03/2008 5:46:48 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    Yeah that's a myth as far as I know. Domino agents auto recycle everything when they quit. Recycle is needed in external programs that use the Java API.


    13Glen  12/23/2008 3:26:25 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    How about, "Domino databases can/can't be more than 4GB and perform well." You can get into when to avoid large databases or what to avoid if our database will be BIG. This could be relevant given Volker's recent post about NSFDB2.

    14Markus Burden  01/21/2009 4:20:50 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    Hi, will your yesterday's presentation be available somewhere?

    15Jeff Cassens  01/21/2009 4:49:48 PM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    @6, 7: IIRC, ViP was a third-party product that had a LotusScript-like language. I did some work with that in '95, and it made it very easy to learn LS when my client moved from Notes 3 to 4.

    16Jonathon Israel  01/23/2009 10:56:02 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    Bob, one of my co-workers attended your BP114 session at Lotusphere and seems to think she heard a comment about IBM and Lotus dropping NSFDB2. She did not realize that NSFDB2 was on our project list for this year and thus did not really pay much attention to the comment. Can you please provide me with some information on what was actually said? Thank you!!!

    17Bob Balaban  01/24/2009 7:16:57 AM  Notes/Domino MythBusters need your input

    @12 - Simon, it is true that Java agents "auto recycle" when they end, because everything gets recycled when

    the Session instance is destroyed. However, it's not really a good idea to rely on that, because (this will

    obviously vary agent to agent) you might run out of memory before you get to the end of the agent's execution.

    You should definitely just get in the habit of recycling objects you no longer need as you go.

    @14 - All of the Lotusphere slide decks have been posted by Lotus. I think they're somewhere on the site.

    @15 - You're right Jeff, LS was in VIP. However, memory says it was FIRST released in Improv.

    @16 - I did make a comment on NSFDB2, but I was asked not to blog about the topic. Let's just say that if you are

    about to make a significant investment in it, maybe you should have a frank conversation with someone at Lotus first.