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    Notes/Domino "MythBusters" need your input

    Bob Balaban  November 26 2008 05:52:19 PM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    The paperwork is finally done, the deal is signed, the lawyers are, if not happy, at least content. Lotusphere09 will now (officially) include session BP114 "Notes/Domino MythBusters".

    Rocky Oliver and I are doing this one together, but we need your help. We've got our own list of Notes/Domino (and general Lotus)-related myths that we think need either confirmation or busting, but we'd like to get YOUR list too. Do you have a few questions lingering in your middle-of-the-night "I wonder if"s? Some lingering, not-quite-important-enough-to-look-up, but still-really-bugs-me kinds of questions?

    Like, maybe:
    • Who once presented a session at Lotusphere that had Klingons in it? And what year was that?
    • If I don't code "Option declare" in my agents, will demons come and carry me away?
    • How many Lotus developers DOES it take to change a light bulb?
    • What's up with the Hawaiian shirts, anyway?
    • Is it REALLY possible to make a cemnt truck disappear?

    A good start, I think you'd agree, but we need MORE, MUCH MORE!

    Submit your list right here (or on Rocky's blog), we'll pick a bunch and include them in the session. Some surprises are gua-ran-freakin'-teed!

    Thanks (in advance)!

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