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    Lotusphere Idol submisssions are re-opened!! Want to be a Lotusphere speaker?

    Bob Balaban  November 23 2009 09:35:20 PM
    Greetings Geeks!

    I was fortunate enough to be a judge in the first 2 Lotusphere Idol contests (Lotusphere 08 and 09). Here's the deal: You give a 5 minute slice of a presentation. If you win, you get a full 1-hour speaking slot on Lotusphere Thursday, and the adoration of hundreds of fellow-geeks.

    If you didn't submit when the original Lotusphere2010 Call for Abstracts went out, well, you still have time. Submissions for Idol are now being accepted through December.

    See Ed Brill's blog post on it:
    And also Paul Mooney's blog post:

    Be there, or be square!
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