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    I’m speaking at ATLUG (Atlanta Lotus User Group) in August

    Bob Balaban  July 1 2010 04:30:00 PM
    Greetings Geeks!

    I am very pleased to report that I've been invited to speak at the August ATLUG meeting, in Atlanta, on the 26th.

    My topic will be: "Debugging Java Agents for Humans", basically a demonstration of some techniques, collectively called "The 2-headed beast", that allow you to code and debug Domino agents in Eclipse, then paste them into Designer without changing a line.

    So, Come On Over! Should be a rockin' good time. Check out for details. Thanks to Lisa Duke ( ) for handling logistics, and thanks to Randy Davison for organizing the meeting. Contact Randy to register or to ask questions. And, of course, thanks to IBM for supplying the meeting room and, um, lunch. And the product, too, of course. :-)

    Geek ya later!
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