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    I will be speaking at "EntwicklerKamp", March 8-10, 2010

    Bob Balaban  January 26 2010 01:00:00 PM
    Greetings Geeks!

    Gelsenkirchen is in Germany, not far from Dusseldorf. This will be my first appearance at this event, and I've heard great things about it, both from speakers and attendees, so I'm excited to finally be able to go myself. (Currently the site is mostly in German only, though some of the speakers will be presenting their sessions in English)

    My topics will be:
    Real-world Web Services (what happens when you sail beyond the edge of the documented world)
    Advanced Programming with Notes/Domino COM classes (stuff you NEVER thought you could do from .NET or even C++ programs)

    Geek ya later!
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