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    I am doing 3 sessions at The View Admin/Developer Conference this week

    Bob Balaban  May 10 2010 04:18:17 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    This week is a big annual geekfest here in the Boston area: The View's Admin/Developer conference. This year I am presenting 3 different sessions:

       Debugging Notes Java agents with Eclipse (the "2-Headed Beast" technique)
       Advanced programming with Notes/Domino COM classes (stuff you never thought you'd be able to do)
       Deconstructing Web services: How do they really work and what to do when they don't

    Tuesday is "jump-start" day, and the regular sessions are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    Hope to see you there

    (Added later)
    Here's a .rar file containing the demos for my COM and Web Services sessions:

    And here are the Java samples from my 2-Headed Beast session: