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    Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    Bob Balaban  April 10 2012 09:11:32 PM
    Greetings Geeks!

    So. March 30, 2007 was my first blog entry. Evidently I missed my own 5th Blanniversary! :-( Better late than never, I suppose. In theory, anyway :-)

    I know I don't post here often, but I do hope that when I do post, it's worth reading. For some people, anyway.

    I'll quote from a nice person who commented on that first post: "energetic,funny,cute--that's what I feel about you from your special explanation about "In Theory".I think you must be very content while writing these words."

    Well, yeah! That does pretty much sum it up. Thanks!

    If you read the original post, you might be interested to know that I'm STILL using that same 7.2 blog template (why change? It works!), and most of the time I'm still using Notes 7, except when I have to do dev work (sit down for beer with me sometime, and I'll tell you why, if you don't already know).

    Any topics anyone wants to hear about from me? Suggestions welcome. I still plan to stick to solid techie topics (GeekStuff), and avoid the fluffy stuff, which you can get anywhere.
    Don't ask for XPages topics, I don't do XPages.

    Thanks to those of you who are still reading after all this time, and thanks to those of you who are newer to this space.

    Geek ya later!

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    1Fredrik Malmborg  04/11/2012 1:26:37 AM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    Hi Bob, and thank you for writing to us.

    I enjoy your "In Theory..", even put it quoted on my own site. With reference to you of course.

    I hope you will write your memoars. I suspect there is a lot of interesting to tell about the days back with Iris and all other stuff you have done. Have a beer or two and think about it.

    From a not as brilliant but still Lotus geek.


    2Henning Heinz  04/11/2012 2:41:46 AM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th


    I am a bit surprised about your XPages comment. I mean you are a master of geek topics and once ran the famous Looseleaf Java forum. And then you say you don't do XPages !? I don't get it. But I don't have to and your blog has always been a fantastic read.

    Thank you!

    3Sam Carberry  04/11/2012 1:02:02 PM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    From someone who'll never get the chance to buy you a beer...

    >> And then you say you don't do XPages !?

    >> I don't get it.

    Me neither, but why? I'm still not smitten myself (too many technologies, leaky abstractions etc), but would love your comment to pass onto management.

    Also, why not use the 8 Designer client. It's a definite improvement.

    4Bob Balaban  04/11/2012 6:31:36 PM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    @1 - Thanks Fredrik! Maybe I could sell my memoir as a cure for insomnia :-)

    @2, @3 - Thanks for the feedback Henning and Sam. Let's be clear, I did NOT say "don't do XPages", I said "I don't do XPages", big difference!

    Why don't I do XPages? Hmm, maybe I should write a longer post on that topic, but I haven't so far, because it would just be negative, and not real constructive.

    The short answer, however, can be boiled down to a few points: 1) Too many moving parts, 2) Shaky foundation (JSF, Domino servlet engine), 3) IDE not very good. Again, my opinion, YMMV

    5Henning Heinz  04/12/2012 12:29:24 PM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    Thank you for the short answer then.

    6Koen de Leijer  04/16/2012 4:43:25 PM  Happy 5th? Yeah, 5th

    Hi Bob

    In fact `better late then never`, congratulations !

    I love your articles! Keep it up !