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    For those attending Lotusphere

    Bob Balaban  January 18 2008 10:04:07 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    I'm taking off for Lotusphere08 in a couple of hours, and I wanted to alert those of you who will also be there to a few things:

    1) I have schwag! If you are a Lotusphere first-timer, or have attended 10 or more Lotuspheres (including '08 of course), I have something for YOU! (while supplies last)

    2) I will be presenting one session (AD302) showing off some new stuff coming for Web App Development in Domino/Next (Tuesday, 11:15am, Swan 5-6)

    3) I will be roaming the showcase floor as much as possible, but.....

    4) I will also be spending a bunch of time in the "Meet the Developers" Lab (usually right off the rotunda lobby in the Dolphin). Not sure what my duty schedule there is yet, but if I'm not there when you show up, ask for my schedule at the door.

    So, look for me here, there and around, or just wave and say hi as we pass in the hallways (no tuxedo this year, just the regular IBM staff shirt or the traditional Hawaiian shirt).


    1Karl-Henry Martinsson  01/18/2008 4:28:26 PM  For those attending Lotusphere

    Looking forward to your presentation, as well as to see you in the lab.

    This is my 11th Lotusphere in Orlando, and I also went to the 1997 one in Europe... So 12 Lotuspheres for me, and looking forward to at least 12 more. :-)

    2Bill Malchisky  01/24/2008 5:27:11 PM  For those attending Lotusphere

    Thanks for the schwag, Bob. Great idea! Appreciate your doing this. What fun. :)