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    "First Question" @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    Bob Balaban  January 7 2010 03:40:35 PM
    Greeings, Geeks!

    Lotusphere2010 is just around the corner (festivities begin on Sunday the 17th, at Disney World, FL). Those among you who are repeat collaborators (i.e., have been to a few recent Lotuspheres) may know that on the final day of the conference (Thursday, Jan. 21st this year), Lotus puts a bunch of real live developers on stage, and lets the audience ask questions about the products. The session is called "Meet the Developers" officially, though when I worked at Lotus/Iris (quite a while ago, now) we called it "Beat the Developers".

    Those of you who have been to a few of these sessions, and who have been paying attention, may remember that it has become a kind of unofficial tradition that I have asked the first question of the session. This has noathing to do with getting favored treatment from Lotus or anything -- I have just been lucky at getting there early and positioning myself at the right microphone (there are usually 3 in the room) to be called upon first (Note: Last year -- LS09 -- Brent Peters, who had taken over moderating the session from Kevin Cavanaugh, violated "tradition" and started the questions from the *wrong* microphone, so I (technically) did not get the First Question. I think I got the Third Question. I hope Brent will get his act together better this year and do it right).

    Now, to the point! I've been pondering what my Question (whether it's the first one or not) should be. For the past many (I forget how many, maybe 5?) it's been all aobut the LSX Toolkit (read about the saga here). For various reasons, I have decided (really, do NOT try to change my mind about this) that this year, I will NOT ask about the LSX Toolkit. Done. Finito. No Longer Of Interest. Boring, even.

    So, having made that decision, I said to myself: "Self! What should my Question be instead??" I have a few ideas, but I want to open the topic up to The Geekdom in general.

    GEEKS: What do YOU think my Question (whether it be the First one or not) should be about? This is a family-oriented blog, so refrain from foul language in your responses, please. I promise to seriously consider all sincere entries. The criteria I care most about are:

    a) Not BORING
    2) NOT LSX Toolkit-related
    iii) I'll consider topics related to DXL, but I find this fairly boring now, so it would have to be *good* to win
    d) No personal attacks on actual people will be considered (even Paul Mooney or Bill Buchan), after all, we're all friends here. "Attacks" (legitimate criticism) on products is fair game
    5) Please, no marketing-blah-blah-blah
    vi) Better if it's something a lot of people care about
    g) I'll consider both admin and dev topics, but everyone knows i am biased towards dev

    So, go forth and cogitate! Eschew obfuscation!

    Geek ya later!

    PS: YES! I will be giving away "Lotusphere Veteran" buttons. They are currently in production. Quantities limited, you have to meet strict standards to get one: You have to ask for one, and you have to (truthfully, I hope) answer one question: "How many Lotuspheres have you attended?" Honor system, no real consequences (other than to your karmic destiny) if you lie, but don't.


    1Bruce Elgort  01/07/2010 4:22:15 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    How can we make "Ask the Developers" an everyday event using tools like.... do I dear say..... Ah heck, you know what I am think'n.

    2Erik Brooks  01/07/2010 7:34:26 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    2 possibilities from me:

    1. XPages consumption of LotusScript. This is probably the #1 issue legacy apps have with migrating to the new tech.

    2. VIEWS and/or INDEXING. There hasn't been any love for views (new capabiltiies, etc.) from IBM. They're not exactly thrilled to be maintaining such an old codebase, and XPages has *seriously* revealed them as Domino's achilles' heel. Is there a rip-and-replace coming in the near future?

    3  01/07/2010 8:05:20 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    More stuff from Ed & Collin Murray regarding views/indexing:

    { Link }

    Check comment @8 from Collin.

    4Peter Presnell  01/07/2010 8:31:06 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    From what I have heard about these sessions I think the first questions asked is if anyone other than Lotus911 is allowed to approach the microphone!

    5Tommy Valand  01/13/2010 2:08:47 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    What can we expect from the announced improvements of FTSearch in Notes/Domino 9?

    The FTSearch is very powerful when looking for specific values, but lacks the intelligence found in modern search engines/the ability to sort the result based on view order (in code)/custom order++.

    Would also like to to string comparisons like: Get every customer with zip code between 1000 and 1100 ([zip>=1000] AND [zip<=1100]) without having to store zip as number.

    6Erik Brooks  01/14/2010 12:56:30 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    More view/indexing discussion:

    Check out Nathan's TigerStyle demo as referenced here:

    { Link }

    If you sort on one of the JOINed columns (on the right) you'll see performance go out the window. NSF needs better indexing.

    7Erik Brooks  01/26/2010 8:58:21 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    So... what'd ya ask? :-)

    8Bob Balaban  01/26/2010 9:01:15 PM   First Question @Lotusphere?? Vote now!

    @Erik - I asked 2 questions (the First One, then got back in line for a 2nd one). I decided a long time ago NOT to ask about the LSX Toolkit again (too boring). So I more or less asked when Designer would incorporate a real Java debugger usable by humans. The answer was (paraphrasing) "It's on the list, but it's hard to do".

    And I honestly don't remember what my 2nd question was. Does anyone else?

    I also (by coincidence of sitting next to the microphone, it was not planned in advance) got to ask Brian Cox (closing session guest speaker, theoretical physicist working on the LHC @CERN) the First Question. A lot of people laughed when I jumped up, and when I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him again at a party later that day, I splained to him about the "other" First Question. I think he thought it was funny... He seemed to like my question, too, which was about protons in the LHC (what is the source of the protons they use in the beams, how long does it take to accelerate them to 0.9999999etc. of speed of light, and don't they become more massive as they accelerate due to relativity? He gave really coherent answers to all of these. Great session.