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    Backup your GMail account to NSF

    Bob Balaban  February 28 2011 11:15:14 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    I read with concern the recent reports of some GMail accounts disappearing, as I use a couple of them for business and other purposes. I thought about writing a program to download all my mail and store as backup in a Notes database, but then I remembered that Notes already has a built-in feature for doing that: IMAP integration.

    It took me 5 minutes to set it up and download over 7000 messages from my (thankfully still operating) GMail account. It even converted GMail "labels" into NSF folders.

    So, here's how you do it (I used Notes 8.52, I think it works in v7 as well):

    1) Go to your local Contacts database (ooops, I mean "Application"!), names.nsf
    2) Click on "Advanced" in the navigator, then "Accounts"
    3) Create a new Account document
    4) Name it anything ("gmail")
    5) "Account server" is "" (don't enter the quotes)
    6) Login is your GMail account name, including the part
    7) For Protocol I used  "IMAP online". I didn't experiment with the "IMAP offline" feature, but I suspect it adds your gmail mailbox to the replicator page for background sync. Maybe someone can confirm/deny
    8) I changed the SSL setting to "Enabled", because I have my GMail account set up to use SSL

    So far so good, Notes creates a new NSF for IMAP sync. When you open it, Notes goes out to the IMAP account and synchronizes. First time I tried it, though I got an error "Invalid SSL certificates".

    I fixed that problem by going back into the Account document, and going to the "Advanced" tab. I changed the "Send SSL certificates when asked" option to "Yes". I also changed "Accept SSL site certs" to "Yes", though I don't know if that's required or not.

    Works great! Thanks Notes!

    Geek ya later

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