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    Anyone interested in me posting my 1998 book?

    Bob Balaban  October 29 2011 09:34:15 AM
    Greetings, Geeks!

    In 1998 I published a book titled "Programming Domino 4.6 With Java" (see the Amazon page here). It did fairly well, but of course it's a bit dated now, and it went out of print in 2000.

    While you can apparently get a used copy for $0.59 (plus shipping), I was thinking I might post the PDF version of the whole thing here on my blog (the rights to the book reverted to me when the publisher declared it out of print, so it's legal). There are bugs in there, which I suppose I could publish "release notes" for, too. I think it's still the best detailed description of the Java "back-end classes" for N/D, as that library existed in October, 1997.

    Any interest? If you'd like to see it, post a comment here. If you wouldn't like to see it, post a comment here.

    Geek ya later!