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      Announcing the IBM Collaborative Application Executive Forum

      Bob Balaban  April 23 2007 11:50:01 AM
      Greetings, Geeks!
      I'm blogging this for you because I thought it looked interesting. I will most likely attend the Massachusetts event as an observer.

      IBM Collaborative Application Executive Forum

      Attention IBM Business Partners!

      Register now to get the jump on the competition.  The new IBM Lotus portfolio provides exciting, profitable opportunities for ISVs and other business partners to build applications and solutions that provide your customers with the advanced functionality they want.  Come hear the latest about IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8, Lotus Sametime, WebSphere Portal, and the new tools for ISVs that provide advanced capabilities including AJAX support and Web 2.0 functionality.  This workshop provides ISV executives a view of how to capitalize on the $12 billion market for solutions built on Lotus technology and helps you maximize your return on investment in building applications and solutions.

      For More information about these Executive Forums, visit us here

      1Dave Hay  04/25/2007 11:01:16 AM  Announcing the IBM Collaborative Application Executive Forum

      Hi Bob, I think the URL is incorrect; it should be: -

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      2Bob Balaban  04/25/2007 9:41:34 PM  Announcing the IBM Collaborative Application Executive Forum

      Thanks Dave, I fixed it