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      10 years! Go figure...

      Bob Balaban  April 19 2017 04:10:51 PM
      Greetings, Geeks!

      This month marks just over 10 years' existence for this blog. When I started it (after some rather forceful nudging by friends like Rocky Oliver and my then manager at IBM), I had no idea it would carry on for so long.

      I don't create posts here very often, but I hope that you find the content here useful, or at least interesting.

      HUGE shoutout to Rob Novak and the team at SNAPPS for hosting the blog for me. And yes, although I moved out of near-Notes orbit a few years ago, I still maintain the blog using Notes, and SNAPPS hosts it on a Domino server somewhere in the heartland.

      Thanks to all who have participated over the years. I'll keep the conversation going if you will.

      Geek ya later!

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